Covid 19- What if Life Goes Back to Normal?

Everything happens for a reason and what seems bad at first might actually be a blessing!” While the whole world was whining about the virus, the best things that happened because of the pandemic went unnoticed. Humans were captured, machines were stopped, pollution decreased, the skies never looked so blue and the Earth finally started healing itself from all the bruises that we humans have given it.

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For humans, this pandemic was a blessing in disguise as it taught us various things like being creative, spending time with loved ones, learning new skills, reflecting on self, physically and mentally and also rethinking about life. It gave us an opportunity to be more humble and helpful, as life is so unpredictable.

But what would happen if the vaccine of Covid-19 is found and life goes back to normal?

For starters, the suffering of people will come to an end with the vaccine. We have lost lakhs of lives to the virus and among those who were treated, not many are having a normal life. Our health workers, Police and army can finally be at a little ease as they have been working round the clock to ensure the safety and well being of people. The economy will fall back in place and hopefully the financial and educational situation will be in tact.

But again the cure comes with a cost!

As we watch in the News, though the cure is not in place yet, people have started exploiting the nature and fellow humans again just because the lockdown has gone at ease. The fall of economy has already been a matter of concern but the actual concern is negligence of people. If the vaccine is found, in no time humans will be going back to what they were before the lockdown.

The rivers that were clean will go back to become dirty, the streets and roads will go back to be noisy and filled with traffic. Humans will again forget the importance of gratitude and being humble. Resources will be exploited and we will again be back in the loop of destruction to self and the planet.

There is always a silver lining!

This might sound silly, but before the pandemic, most people might not have known that soap actually destroys certain kinds of viruses and bacteria. Now, having done a lot of reading on the subject, most people can probably explain in great detail how soap or a sanitizer kills the microorganism’s outer membranes, including the novel corona virus. Who knew? Well, now we all do, and we’ll probably wash our hands a lot more frequently after this is “over.” Hygiene is definitely going to improve.

While scientists and pharmacists are working really hard to get the vaccine, do you really think that would change anything? Is it really necessary for us to face a pandemic to mend our ways? There shouldn’t be a reason to respect the nature and fellow living beings.

The virus is in our brains and our society and unfortunately there is no vaccine for it.



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